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One of the desert recipes for Suppositories natural To enlarge the ass

One of the desert recipes  for Suppositories natural To enlarge the ass

The benefits of the camel's hump peak

 effectively treat the dryness of the body, through the body fat and massaging the dissolved tulip, as it moisturizes the body.
 It is an effective treatment for the fracture and dehydration of the two men, so people who suffer from cracking the heels of their feet with the fat of camels peak, on a daily basis until the desired results.
 It destroys the only worm present in the intestines, and also treats various digestive disorders and problems. Stimulates and removes the skin from aging, or loss of extra weight, especially in the neck, hands and thighs. It also increases the abdominal tummy tuck of women. The color of the tulip is a natural, safe and guaranteed way to get a clear and clear complexion, thus avoiding and restricting women's use of chemical lotions and creams for skin whitening. 
The pain of hemorrhoids is affected by hemorrhoids being applied to an appropriate amount of dissolved lupus. 
Increase the level of sexual ability in men. Treat various respiratory infections, especially asthma, by eating some grease in the morning and on the stomach, ie, before breakfast. 
It eliminates hair problems, so it is one of the effective home remedies for hair, as it nourishes the hair from the follicles to the limbs, and also gives the hair strength, softness, density and gloss, and reduce the bombardment of hair and falling heavily, and it addresses the problems of baldness in men, By melting it on a low heat, then massage the hair out, and leave the fat on the hair for thirty minutes, then rinse well, and repeat this method twice every week until you get satisfactory results. 
Narrowing the vagina as the vagina expands and increases in size after some women, through the vaginal fat, daily and for twenty days continuous. Increase weight, so people who suffer from excessive thinness are advised to eat it


A red garlic clove
3 of the cress seeds
Spoon and half fenugreek seeds grinded
3 Heap of wormwood grinded
Spoon and half lavender grinded
Spoon and half grain black seed
Spoon and half a tragacanth that dark color grated (can be dispensed with)
la graisse du dromadaire (chameaux)

The way

We grind all well. We increase the camel 's desserts until we have a soft paste to get into the refrigerator for 10 minutes
They were pulled out and shaped like molds, and kept them in the refrigerator.
Before use, put in olive oil and use directly. Use one each night
Do not wear any underwear
Chew any kind of soups that are hot or hot milk
Sleep on your belly and cover yourself with something warm
The result starts from the first month

mardi 6 février 2018

To enlarge the chest naturally and tried in just two weeks

To enlarge the chest naturally and tried in just two weeks

sage plant

The latter is responsible for increasing breast size
  Increase the secretion of female estrogen from the normal rate

The article continues


Few leaves of sage plant herb
Half a cup of boiling water

The way

In the port; Put the water, add the leaves and throw the boiling water; Then put the boiling water in a clean bottle and tighten it tightly
Massage the breast with sage plantwater and day by day for two weeks
Drink a little water of sage plant daily for two weeks
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Moroccan recipes desert for (Breast enlargement and menstrual cycle)

lundi 5 février 2018

Moroccan recipes desert for (Breast enlargement and menstrual cycle)

(Breast enlargement and menstrual cycle)

Peace be upon you  today I missed you a magic recipe and very very very very very very very experienced and very effective and very very very grown up with my breast I had a problem breasts bigger than the second and thank God recipe I hope you try
Same quantity of each oil
Fenugreek oil
Wheat germ oil
Soya oil
whale liver oil
black seed oil
Combine all the oils You can add a beautiful body lotion cream to mask the strong smell of oils
Every night, do a light massage, not violently, in a circular way, counterclockwise for 5 minutes for each breast every night
(Drink ingredients)
Spoon Fenugreek Grounded
A teaspoon of black seed ground
Spoon of cress seeds Alénois Grounded
Teaspoon ground linseed
1 teaspoon ground parsley
Large spoon free honey
Put all in a warm milk cup and drink it on the stomach twice a week

jeudi 1 février 2018

Self-pampering Recipe 3 × 1

 Self-pampering Recipe 3 × 1

The body
Used for whole body of hair for face and whole body up to fingers
Gives you comfortable feeling, good smell and many benefits

● Very natural .. Its benefits are multiple and valuable for hair, skin and body

● Strengthens hair and moisturizes .. and refreshes the scalp

● Smoothes moisturizes skin and removes impurities

● Allows pores to breathe

● Absorbs oils

● Reduces damage from exposure to sunlight

● Leaves skin glowing and look

● Promotes blood circulation of the entire body

● Gives you a comfortable feeling

● The smell is good and beautiful
And many benefits
We remind her in other recipes ..


■ Ingredients:
Ghassol (black argile)
 little lavender
 little chamomile
  little Thyme
baby powder

■ Method:

Proposition: We divide the dough into two halves
The first half we put on our hair our face ..
For hair dry hair clean for a little mixture of olive oil
And the other half we add to him baby powder or whatever you have available .. And mix well we have a full body fat
To get a smooth complexion such as children and a beautiful refreshing scent ..
Stay in the bathroom for about 15 minutes.
👆 Try to relax well and enjoy the smell of herbs
The mixture gives you a feeling of relief, relaxation and a beautiful feeling
Health and comfort 👍
sorry for my englich



mercredi 31 janvier 2018

Natural collagen

Which is frankincense
Its benefits
• Loose skin tightening.
• Fill wrinkles and expressive lines.
• Helps skin elasticity.
• Give glasses and whistles to the skin.
• Dealing with cracks and lines because it helps to increase the speed of cell renewal.
• Protects the skin from aging.
• Treat dark circles and wrinkles under the eye.
• Treat wounds and skin stains to the skin.
• Treats varicose veins and blue veins.
• The skin opens significantly because it is considered a natural collagen and is considered a natural protein.
• Filled face drills.
• Helps to remove young pills
• All skin problems.

Method of use

Two tablespoons of frankincense
Cup boiling water.

The way

Pour the frankincense into the boiling water and cover it for a full night, and the color of the water will change, and the frankincense will be white, and the water will be covered with a cup of glass and keep the refrigerator.

How to use

Take the solution to your throat and slap it on your face or your body anywhere. Treat it from one of the problems we mentioned above a cell from a quarter to an hour and wash it with the result.
The frankincense is used for hundreds of years and is widely used, especially among Arabs, which has many benefits, including bleaching, which is used as an effective whitening mask, whitening, moisturizing, and dense. It also helps to stimulate the thyroid gland and helps eliminate excess weight.
It is prescribed for weight loss and tightness of the skin
How to use it for slimming:
Put a spoonful of male milk in a bowl with water. Then pour boiling water over it, then stir until it becomes white, leave it for a while to soak, then place it in a sealed container. Before each meal is filtered, drink half a cup.
The only problem lies in its taste as it tends to bitterness but with time you will return.
The male has many benefits besides slimming and bleaching the entire body. It helps to tighten the skin. By helping it, you will lose weight without tucking (tight tummy and tight arms). It also strengthens the heart muscles.
Use the description throughout the duration of the diet and its results during the amazing week, God willing.
Scientists discovered that bitter frankincense or what is known
It is amazing that the natural cortisone found in this frankincense is not compared to the industrial chemical cortisone. Because the chemical cortisone has damages, side effects and complications of the body.
It is worth mentioning that Western countries made several drugs of pure natural cortisone extracted from frankincense, which has no side effects at all.
Benefits of frankincense:
1 - Antiseptic and tonic for the cellular device.
2 - General disinfectant for the whole body internally and externally.
3. Anti-bloating and gases.
4 - Regulator of gastrointestinal functions.
5 - diuretic and disinfectant for the urinary system.
6 - tonic of the uterus and antiseptic of the reproductive system.
7 - calming nerves.
8 - Used in beauty products and extracts from disinfectant and scented materials.
9 - Regulator of the immune system.

vendredi 26 janvier 2018

brighten dark skin

Starch mix to brighten dark skin

All you have to do is stick to the following

Bring half a lemon
Two tablespoons of starch


Peel the lemons in all areas affected by the fire, especially the armpits. Then distribute the starch to stick with the lemon and leave it for at least a quarter of an hour
You will notice that it is black, do not worry leave it to dry completely and then rub it and you will notice the result from the first use of the process until a whole week you will see the huge difference

 The starch contains many essential nutrients for the health of the body, and it is many calories, as the 100 grams of it contains a small amount of fat, and high carbohydrate, in addition to fiber and proteins, and minerals such as sodium and iron.
The benefits of starch for this face The most prominent benefits of starch for the face: get rid of excess oils in the skin absorbed, especially for the owners of oily skin, and this is done by putting it directly on the face powder makeup.
Cleanse the face and remove dead skin cells, by mixing a tablespoon of glycerol with a tablespoon of starch, and placing them on the skin.

Treat skin rash, itchy skin and soothe it; by its anti-inflammatory properties
Dispose of sunburn and skin irritation. This is done by mixing the starch and water well, put the mixture on the affected areas and leave for several minutes, then gently wash the area with lukewarm water.Use it in some make-up tricks, such as putting it on glossy lipstick until it becomes bland. This is done by raising the starch on the lips using the finger until it is absorbed.
Darkening and effectively lightening dark spots, because starch contains vitamin A, which helps
Maintain healthy skin by stimulating regeneration of cells by the minerals found in starch such as iron and calcium 

Minimize acne and skin pimples; because starch contains the necessary zinc to fight acne.
Enhance the health and hydration of the skin; thanks to the presence of vitamin B1 and B2 starch.
Improve the structure of the skin and reduce the wrinkles; so as to contain starch on vitamin C and antioxidants that fight free radicals harmful skin.

jeudi 25 janvier 2018

wonderful recipe or more shine and attractiveness get a clear skin

wonderful recipe or more shine and attractiveness  get a clear skin

Women may try a lot of skin whitening creams, or spend a lot of money to buy different cosmetic products, while they can use natural materials available at home to take care of themselves, and in this article we will mention some natural ways to lighten the skin and get rid of dark spots.


3 tablespoons of rice powder. Spoon of cinnamon powder. Two tablespoons of honey. A teaspoon of Argan oil.

How to prepare:
Mix the ingredients well until they blend together. When you have a homogeneous dough, rub it on your face for 10 minutes, then remove it by gently rubbing it in a circular way. Wash your face with cold water to remove the effects of the mask, repeat this process for two days and you will notice the difference quickly.
And for more shine and attractiveness and get a clear skin and

mardi 23 janvier 2018

teeth whitening

 Today's recipe is a recipe for teeth whitening as well as the removal of lime, and this recipe works to remove pigments and yellowing and natural ingredients and very easy.

Mix Marrube blanc with a teaspoon of sour juice, leave it for a quarter of an hour before using it, then brush your teeth well with its mixture for 5 minutes. This recipe is used 2 to 3 times a day, and you will notice that it will cure you of all dental problems.

Today we offer you two beautiful face care brands and a smooth and clean skin.

Today we offer you two beautiful face care brands and a smooth and clean skin.

Wash and sweeten the sweet potatoes, then peel and cut them into small pieces
 In a little water, then we liquidate and retain the water of the bald.

Potato Mask:

We cook sweet potatoes, then take a tablespoon of potatoes,
 a teaspoon of starch,
a teaspoon of honey,
mix these ingredients until we get a creamy mixture.

After washing the face with your soap and drying, apply this recipe to the whole face, including under the eyes because this recipe is effective in eliminating the dark circles also, leave 20 minutes and then wash it and you will notice the smoothness and radiant freshness and the skin of the skin.



A tablespoon of mashed sweet potatoes, a teaspoon of ground oatmeal, a natural Danone spoon.

Salt water we use it as a natural face toner. After washing your face with your soap, apply this toner to your face or place it in cotton and rubbing on your skin, reduce the pores and also help to unify the skin color and give it a very good freshness.

lundi 22 janvier 2018

mercredi 17 janvier 2018

Who is the father?

Who is the father?


the father..

Wear his shoes and stumble from the size of his shoes to your small foot

He wears his glasses feel great

She wears shagmah and feels galling


His car key asks him and you dream he is driving him

Think of a trivial thing that you can call upon when you are busy

He responds to you with all his heart and does not know his manager

Scolded him or his colleague harassed him or your expenses burdened him

And ask him calmly:

"Papa Jake with strawberry juice"

The following:

From my eyes, but you are men, and your mother is not tormented

The house comes and is exhausted

Free and congestion and forgot your request

She says Papa Win the juice?

He takes care and comes out to bring you your request

Petty with all pleasure forgetting exhaustion

Today .....

He does not wear his shoes because of his old taste

He despises his clothes, his purposes and his car

That you flaunt your friends because they do not like you

And his words do not suit you

His movements make you feel disgusted and depressed

Awkwardness of it if you meet your friends!

He is worried about you and is calling you and feels that he is bothering you

And may not respond if repeated contact and anxiety

Go back to the house late and bake you to make you responsible

And continue in your career as a shepherd

Every shepherd is responsible for his flock, and your voice is raised on him

And harass him with your words and your responses will be silent

Not for fear of you but for your shock!

Yesterday in his youth he lifted you on his shoulder

Today you are much taller than him

Yesterday she came to speak and made mistakes in the letters

Today no one will shut you up

Tenset ..

No matter what bothers you he and your father ..

It also holds you in your childhood and your forgiveness and your ignorance

And his pregnancy in his illness and old age

Best for him ..

Others want to see him again

They asked me which man you love?

I said:

Who has waited for me for nine months?

He welcomed me with joy

And Rabbani at the expense of his health

It will remain the greatest love in my heart forever

Sorry for all the men, nobody is like my father


Who died his father

Forgive him

And have mercy on him

And I will make it spacious for your gardens

And who was his father alive

So he turned his age on your obedience

And released his interest

And its fleece from where it is not counted

And I will shower him with mercy from you

lundi 15 janvier 2018

At first they ignore you, then mock you, then fight you, then you win

Peace, mercy and blessings of God Almighty

This article is by author Salwa Al-ImadI hope you can read it and not ignore it

Three years ago, in one of the training courses, a young woman approached me with an ambition and determination. The words scrambled over her lips as if she wanted to get rid of the pain in her chest, saying: I graduated from the Faculty of Economics two years ago and as usual I submitted my papers looking for a job in every government sector. And as usual I have not received any response, and because I am realistic, I did not expect to receive any response my colleagues from the previous payments are still suffering from unemployment, so why I think I will be the exceptional situation among them?
So I thought of a small business, the preparation of sweets and pancakes from home and delivery of applications to those who want a simple price. I was met with a fierce attack from my family and colleagues and warned me of the society's view of me as a cook, and I would not find anyone who would accept a wife for him later, as they bet on the certain failure that awaits my project. Who believes in a Saudi cook? Making sweets and pancakes with the help of my sister who was unemployed like me. We were fighting the windmills together, and the problem was that the winds never calmed down, so the windmills were still spinning, making them draining our efforts. I registered on Twitter and Facebook and designed a website to show the sweets and pancakes we prepare and receive orders. The turnout was slow at first, but now it has improved slightly, but I do not know that I feel that my energy has drained from those around me with so much justification and fight. To their negative words that they are trying to instill within me, and the extraordinary effort I make so that my project will not fail, so what do I do? I was really tired!
I say to her: Dear Gandhi (first ignore you, then mock you, then fight you, and then win), the way always is not the beginning, but the end of the end, and this effort, which drains your energy in the "styling" justification for them and explain the reasons slow the progress of your project will consume you completely if you continue In addition, listening to negative judgments will hinder your progress and success, so focus on your goals and never distract your mind from outside influences.
Now this young Saudi Arabia has become a distinguished and successful businesswoman, and expanded in her project amazingly, and received the pride and admiration of all around her from the people and colleagues, and came to the government job and refused to know why? Because the amount of net profit from the project currently exceeds 50 thousand riyals per month!
Therefore, all the young people need from us is to trust their potentials and abilities, to believe in the enormous potential they hold within them, to stop planting the seeds of failure, frustration and hopelessness in their depths and to give them support, support and affirmative action. Young people like fingerprints are different from each other. ? Some of them have ideas, projects, inventions and inventions, and they are wary of the mountains, so they invite them to go out, try and experience life, and they will succeed in God's will.
And remember that the Prophet - peace be upon him - Osama bin Zaid made the prince of an army in which Abu Bakr, Omar ibn al-Khattab and the elders of the Ansar and senior immigrants .. Although he was not more than 20 years old